About Us

About Us

  • Deepali Designs and Exhibits Pvt. Ltd. is a company that has been built over 5 decades with the guidance and spirit of 3 generations.
  • Deepali designs with its great execution capabilities and deep-rooted knowledge of technology has acquired an unblemished record of delivering products and services to its clients.
  • Having a vast manufacturing unit, Deepali Designs decided to cater both fashion and safety to meet the need of an hour. By establishing the portion of huge manufacturing unit for medical attires ( PPE Coveralls, Surgical Gowns, Aprons, Hospital Uniforms etc ). Along with focusing on manufacturing of readymade garments as well.
  • We have manufacturing units with latest machinery to deliver the best quality products.
  • Aim to focus on safety Deepali Designs also made a set up for in house manufacturing of N-95 Masks, keeping highest level of hygiene with UV sterilisation Unit.

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