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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a protective clothing, helmet, and goggles, designed carefully to protect the wearer’s body from any kind of infection, virus outbreak, or injury. PPE as it is commonly addressed, has become an emotive subject during this current situation of Coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 is a virus outbreak that has changed the course of life probably forever. It is caused by contact or even droplet transmission from an infected person to a healthy person.

What makes the situation scary is the lack of vaccination. Globally, examinations are being conducted to find a suitable cure for this virus outbreak. Up until a defined cure and vaccination comes to light, people must protect themselves using the right COVID safety products available in market. Personal Protective Equipment is a vital component. With appropriate use, PPE can significantly reduce the risk of this viral transmission.

Who needs PPE Coveralls?

It is ideal that people who are stepping out of their house in an environment that exposes them to plenty of people protect themselves using PPE coveralls. Who must use PPE coveralls, to protect themselves and people around?

  • Patients – If it is confirmed or a possible case of SARS-CoV-2 infection, then you must wear a mask and take all necessary precautions.
  • Healthcare personnel – Doctors and medical staff must adhere to strict standard and transmission based precautions when working with patients.
  • Travelers – A PPE coverall can also be worn by air travelers. If you are scheduled to take a flight anytime soon, order your PPE coverall and stay safe from this viral outbreak.

How to Wear a PPE Coverall?

  • Identify the correct and proper PPE, best suited for your particular need. Ensure you choose the right gown size.
  • Be sure to use proper hand sanitizer.
  • Put on the isolation gown. Take help of an assistant to tie the gown. Assistance is a must especially if you are a healthcare personnel.
  • Put on the NIOSH-approved N95 filtering facepiece respirator, if the respirator is not available or not required you can use the face mask. Make sure the nosepiece of the respirator, fits perfectly to the nose with both hands, and is not bent or tented. The facemask or respirator, whatever covers the mouth must be extended under the chin. Both your mouth and nose must be well protected.
  • When wearing an N95 mask or half facepiece respirator, select the proper eye protection gear. It might be a goggle or a full cover face shield. Face shields are an ideal pick in some cases since they provide full face coverage. Goggles on the other hand are best suited for healthcare staff, for their excellent protection tothe eyes.
  • Put on gloves the right way. They should cover the wrist of the coverall.

How Deepali Products help ensure utmost safety during the pandemic?

Deepali Products offers the best quality COVID safety products. With over 5 decades of experience we can assure you that our vast manufacturing unit takes utmost care when it comes to medical attire, PPE coveralls, surgical gowns, Aprons, hospital uniforms etc.

We understand the dearth of readily available safety products, hence strive to bridge the gap between the demand and supply of the COVID Safety products. We are one stop shop for all your COVID safety products requirement. N95 mask, three layer masks, PPE coverall, goggles, aprons, as well as face shield, you will get it all at Deepali Products. Place your order with us!


    • Laminated Disposable Coverall with Tape (Pack of 2)

      1,198.80 999.00

      Pack: The Pack contains 02 sets of Jump Suit with attached Hood along with a Pair of Shoe Cover & Biohazard Disposable Bag. Products are for Single Time use only.

      Price: Rs.999 (Inclusive of GST & Delivery Charges)

      Short Description: 80 GSM plus Polypropylene Laminated Spun-bond Non-Woven fabric, which makes the fabric resistant to liquid penetration like synthetic blood, viruses, or any Kind of Bacteria. This Fabric passes ASTM 1670 Test.

    • Laminated Disposable Coverall without Tape (Pack of 2)

      718.80 599.00

      Pack: The Pack contains 02 sets of Jump Suit with attached Hood along with a Pair of Shoe Cover & Biohazard Disposable Bag. Products are for Single Time use only.

      Price: Rs.599 (Inclusive of GST & Delivery Charges)

      Short Description: Basic Coverall 80 GSM plus Non-woven Fabric. Lightweight & durable meant for personnel who operate in a low contamination zone and have the least contact. 

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