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Face Shield: Buy an effective protective gear to combat COVID-19

Face masks, coveralls, protective gear have become a major shield helping combat COVID-19. However, with advancements in every realm, COVID-19 safety gear have also upgraded. Doctors are now suggesting the use of full face shield. Since, there is no definite cure or a vaccine to combat the contagion as of now, wearing protective gear is the only escape right now.

Face shields and face masks are designed to keep people safe in social setting. Face shield is made of a transparent and sturdy plastic sheet which covers the whole face and not merely the mouth. The concept behind covering mouth and face is to ensure minimum risk of transmission of the coronavirus from an affected person. When an infected person sneezes, coughs, laughs, or talks near you, there are chances that the saliva or droplets that fall on the ground may infect you. To combat the trouble one can buy acrylic face shield online.Hence to avoid exposure, it is ideal that the person wears a protective gear that covers face, especially mouth and nose.

How are Face Shields Better than Face Mask?

Face masks have plenty of limitations, they cover the nose and mouth but there are high chances that due to suffocating feeling you might pull up or down your face mask. This completely distorts the purpose of the face mask.

Face Shields on the other hand, completely cover the whole face, from head all the way down till the chin. This prevents any face touching of any kind. Another major advantage that makes face shield better is the shield against cough aerosol droplets. Face Shield reduces the chances of inhalational exposure. They are more comfortable and easy to wear as compared to face masks. To make face shields available to everyone, manufacturers are now offering Face shields online for sale.

​How to wear Face Shield the correct way?

You must know the correct way to wear a face shield. If you use the face shield correctly, they can be reused. All you have to do is clean them effectively with a disinfectant each time after use. Face shield are convenient and easy for people who wish to communicate with others when out in the open.

Acrylic face shield available online is easy to wear. However, there are minute nitty gritties that one must take care of. The face mask must start with a band on the head and extend lower than the chin, placed well beyond the ears. There must be a clear gap between the forehead and the shield’s head piece.

Irrespective of your face-covering choice, the main aim is to prevent transmission of coronavirus. For instance, if you are a medical professional, you are more susceptible of getting affected, in such a case, wearing a face shield, PPE coverall, and other protective gear to safeguard yourself and others from this deadly virus.

How Deepali Products can help you during this pandemic?

Deepali Products offers you the best quality protective gear for your fight against the deadly Coronavirus. We strive to bridge the gap between the customers and manufacturers. If you want to buy face shield in bulk, we can cater your demand.

Our manufacturing unit uses the best and the most reliable technology and equipment to bring forth safety gear. We are your one-stop shop for all COVID-19 safety products, place your order with us now! We also offer you the provision to buy face shields in bulk.

    • Acrylic Face Shield (Pack of 10)

      760.00 499.00

      Pack: The Pack contains 10 Piece of Acrylic face Shield. 

      Price: Rs.499 (Inclusive of GST & Delivery Charges)

      Short Description: Face Shield with Adjustable Elastic Strap Anti-Splash Protective Face Film witch is transparent in 350 Micron. Cover Full Face Visor with Eye & Head Protection for

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